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Today is the Saturday of the last weekend I’ll ever have. Yesterday marked 1 week until I finish work for good.

I have been at the company for 3 years holding 3 different jobs and learning an awful lot about everything in the process.

I’ve learned about people  – what they are like, how they think, behave and more importantly WHY they do  and think the things they do. Alongside that I’ve learned that some people don’t believe the normal rules apply to them. These are the people I hope to avoid in the future.

I’ve learned about leadership – to lead from the front with consistency and humility is the way to lead. It’s amazing how many leaders don’t know this simple truth.

I’ve learned about business – the practical side like accounts, tax, project management and operations and the importance of having the right person in the right role. They might not necessarily be the best or most experienced but if they are right they will become better than anyone else.

I’ve also learned about the other side of business – information must be free and open, communication is the most important thing, talking to each other all the time and listening. Change is frightening; anyone who was success must embrace change and those implementing the change must be sensitive to the people around them.

That’s the past. My future is landrovers and travel and dust and new horizons. That will be my next post.