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How on earth do you get an entire year or two’s worth of clothes in one 40litre backpack? That’s the question I’ve been trying to answer for about a month now.

Here it is. My trusty old Eurohike. Ready for another adventure!

I think I finally cracked it today.

I started with every fleece, softshell, pair of vaguely suitable trousers I owned. And about 20 tops, my ski jacket (its cold in Siberia don’t you know?) and rather a lot of socks. Most of this fit in my rucksack, with the exception of the ski jacket and a fleece and 2 pairs of trousers and, and … but was so heavy I couldn’t lift it off the ground and where was I going to put the things that didn’t fit?

My diving bag? Out of the question – it was full of diving gear. No way I would – or safely could – leave any of that behind. Dive gear is non-negotiable. So what else. Day bag? Nope too small, and its full of camping stuff. Stef’s bag? Not a hope in Hell. Its got all his things in.

The only conclusion was to take some things out. But what. So unpacking… Everything out of the rucksack. Each item inspected and either kept or discarded. This pair of trousers? Same as that one – Ditch it. Pretty top? Its white… won’t look so pretty after a year on the road – Its out. Fleece? Already got 2 in and a down jacket… I’ll be warm enough – Gone. And so on and so forth. Finally got it down to the following:

1x down jacket

1x Waterproof Jacket

1x Waterproof trousers

3x walking, hiking, everyday trousers

2x short dress (one long-sleeved and one short-sleeved)

2x long dresses (for when I need to feel feminine on the road, they are also comfy and modest)

2x fleece (1 softshell and one micro fleece)

1x hoodie

1x light boyfriend style jacket

1x set of thermal undies

2x thermal tops

1x set of pjs

1x running shorts. (chance of running = slim. Chance of needing swimming shorts = higher)

2x long-sleeved shirts. (Mozzies love my sweet English blood and the sun loves burning me!)

4x  short-sleeved cotton tops (2x semi nice and 2x practical)

1x vest top

3x long-sleeved tops (1 semi nice the others purely practical!)

1x light cardi for when covering up is needed

6x knickers

3x bras

3x bikinis

I’m sure there are highly experienced travellers who think this is a lot of stuff, and will wonder why I’m taking nice stuff on a round the world trip. The answer to the former is: I have no idea how much I need, but i will wear all of these things and the latter is simple: sometimes you need to look presentable – if you’re invited to someone’s house, or if you visit a place of worship, an important site, or a nice town. Perhaps a job interview in Oz – Sticking a jacket over a dress + decent shoes + nice jewellery = instant transformation from travelling hobo to eminently respectable ;o)

Anyway here’s a couple of photos

Dresses. Pretty, practical and non crease!


Everything else apart from jackets, waterproofs, undies and bikinis and hoodie.

For shoes I am taking 1x running shoes, 1x walking boots 1x Merrel trainers and 1x flip-flops.

And it all fits with a bit of room to spare for treats for folks back home 🙂