Moscow was a pleasant surprise – once we recovered from the uber stress that was navigating and driving.

They say you should never drive in Moscow and it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. The map and roads don’t seem to match up, roads exist that don’t show on the map, road signs take longer to translate than the micro second it takes for them to flash past.

And the traffic! Russians driver like they walk… following the mantra “snooze, you lose!” If there’s a space they take it. If the lights change they go. If they can overtake (or undertake) they will. Finding the hostel was a relief and very much a sight for sore brains. 

The exhaustion and stress didn’t last long once we were fed and watered with pizza and beer and had a solid night’s sleep under our belts and the next day we tackled the Kazakhstan embassy to apply for our visas.

Rumour had it that it was a 3 day application but pick up day was actually the following Monday so we had to stay a week.  

So what does one do with a week in Moscow? I’ll tell you in parts 2 and 3…