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Part 3 is about:

  • Estonia – Tallinn
  • Finland – Helsinki and Kurjenrahka National Park.

(WARNING – This post contains some super gorgeous photos! ;o)

This was the final part of our European leg of The Trip, we travelled up through Estonia and took the ferry to Finland.

Estonia and Finland are both absolutely beautiful. Forests of red barked pine trees, crystal clear lakes and rivers, the air is so clean and the light sparkles. The sun wasn’t setting till 11.30 (and when it did the sunset was a.maz.ing)  and it was light again at 4am. Strangely I had no trouble sleeping despite the short nights. I wanted to be awake and my sleep was restful and unbroken which was making a very nice change!

We zipped up through Estonia, passing gorgeous villages and dreaming of buying one of the tumbledown houses to make beautiful and open as a photography / writers / yoga retreat complete with BBQs in summer, dog sled rides in winter and of course the obligatory sauna!

Tallin is a lovely little town, all pretty buildings and squares, also quite a lot of hen and stag do’s but don’t let that put you off! My photos just didn’t do it justice so I haven’t posted any.

We crossed over to Finland with a few days to go so we had a couple of nights in Helsinki the headed North to take advantage of the beautiful countryside. We ended up finding a gorgeous site on the edge of a lake, photos can be seen here https://illneverworkagain.wordpress.com/2011/05/27/note-wild-camping-101/this was in the Kurjenrahka National Park. Finland is great for camping, it is allowed anywhere as long as its not too close to someone’s house, and as long as no wood is taken off anyone’s land. This sounds like a strange rule but it’s very important as wood is the main way for people to heat their houses during the long winters and they need all of it they can get. We went for a lovely long walk and mainly chilled out in the wilderness.


Our last night was spent on a proper campsite near the Russian border by a river. An evening walk allowed me to take some absolutely stunning photographs lit amazingly by that beautiful light…


We left Finland overland on 6th June into Russia. The border was reasonably stress free. It took a while but we were over by early afternoon and in Russia x