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Only one word can describe this episode of our journey… thrilling.

We saw

  •  A herd of wild horses crossing the road
  • A field full of bi planes
  • Cows in villages
  • Mongolian looking horsemen rounding up their cattle
  • A massive eagle wingspan at least 2m
  • A man collecting sand in a sack
  • A million butterflies dancing and fluttering
  • A truck piled high with hay
  • Sheep! The first sheep in Russia
  • Sheet lightning over olkhon island
  • Foals galloping over the steppe.
  • Ground squirrels guarding against predators

As an added bonus our mini bus driver taking us on an unscheduled, compulsory 40minute off-road experience. The road was terrible and off road was comfier but pretty sure it was not the driver’s excellent driving and judgement which prevented us from rolling over, but possibly had something to do with the wooden crucifix hanging from the rear view mirror. Or maybe it was the fluffy dice!

As I said… thrilling!