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And so, here in Vladivostok ends our Trans Siberian Adventure!

We arrived to a closed station in Khabarovsk. People milling around all over the place, our bag trapped in the left luggage in the basement (thank goodness for the woman in shocking lime / luminous  green who negotiated with security to let us get it back!) and bloody massive mosquitoes.

Train arrived 30min late and we hopped on for a mere 12 hour journey to Vladivostok.

And torrential rain. Seriously, I’ve never seen rain like it unaccompanied by a tropical storm of serious thunder and lightning. We arrived at our hotel looking as though we had swum here. Apparently we have a sea view from our balcony. Its been hard to tell though due to the mist so thick you can’t see a thing.

Said mist / fog hung around for 2 days then disappeared for the afternoon when the city was revealed in all its Civilised glory for a few hours.

Taking advantage of the sunshine and newly revealed views we walked (!) to the top of Eagle Hill -100m straight up, Vladivostok is not called the San Fran of Russia for no reason – to get a view of the bay and the famous Russian Navy Fleet with the intention of getting the funicular railway back down – only to find the railway closed! Luckily there’s a very long staircase running alongside.

The disappearing mist also revealed a construction project of epic proportions – a huge bridge that will go over the whole city. It’s hard to get the scale from the photos but think Golden Gate x 10.

While on the hill we heard what we thought was cannon fire. It wasn’t. It was this.

Luckily no-one appeared to be hurt and it only hit the building with a glancing blow but pretty scary all the same.

Total Trans-Siberian distance travelled:  9289km

Total distance from nottingham:14980km