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Well, Khabarovsk was a bit of a surprise. It’s a beautiful, modern, western-esque city with a lovely river front, chilled out vibe and real coffee! A very welcome break after the 3 days on the train. We had second class and lovely carriage mates so it was all good and really the time just zipped by. I was glad to get off that train though!

Oh and for the record Stef also checked the journey time and came up with 30 hours too –  just to set the record straight after this post! ;o)

We had 2 days in Khabarovsk. The first of which was spent recovering from the gruelling train journey – this means sleeping for me, and blogging for Stef. We had arranged to couch surf but with our train being late, needing to stash our big bag and orienting ourselves to get the bus we were rather late and our hosts had given us up for lost and gone home for tea. We did have a lovely concerned email from them so they didn’t just abandon us. This left us with no-where to stay so we booked ouselves into an honest-to-goodness, actual hotel for 2 nights.

The next day we visited the Regional museum, an excellent collection of minerals, recreations of wooden houses and a number of displays of stuffed fauna of the area, including an amur tiger – the largest big cat in the world, and a sea otter – the most expensive pelt in the world ($20,000!!! each). We walked by the river and enjoyed some window shopping before going for our train and arriving at the station – Which was closed. Eeeek!

Total Trans-Siberian distance travelled:  8521km

Total distance from nottingham:14212km