Appeared to be in the tiny little shop we passed in our Hutong on the way to the metro. Sorry, “SuperTrain” as named by the nice Chinese fella who helped with directions.

We’re in Beijing. Beijing is AWSOME.

Pollution is horrendous, there are people EVERYWHERE, neon lights, you don’t even want to know what they were selling as “food” on the night market – well actually if you do there’ll be a post up before too long ;o) – shops full of gorgeous furniture, jade figurines, fantastic peking duck, big smiles all round, music, dancing, singing…

In short I’m loving Beijing. Everyone’s so happy and helpful after Russia. And the place is just… cute.

Oh, downside – no facebook!!! If you want to contact me, use klf1307@hotmail.com

More sooooooon :o) x