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Hi Folks,

We spent a total of 10 days we’ve been so busy I’m literally falling into bed every night totally comatose and not doing writing or photos or anything.

So this is what we’ve been up to…

We arrived thursday and took a taxi to our hostel, which was pants, it was a business hotel trying to be cool but with zero atmosphere – only hostel I’ve ever been in where no-one used the kitchen! We then took another taxi to DHL on the other side of town and the whole way we both had our noses pressed to the windows like little kids, gasping with delight at the huge buildings, streams of cars and neon galore. Stef is now happily reunited with his pelicase wheels which lightens the load considerably. Dinner that night was amazing peking duck at a tiny restaurant where we ate like emperors for the grand sum of £12!!

Friday was a business day – we took our passports to the Vietnam Embassy to get visas, then went to get Stef a new pair of jeans and both of us haircuts. We also had our first experience of the Supertrain which is all very civilised if rather busy. We ate at the stalls of the Night Market. Stef has a very… erm… interesting post here I’m afraid to say we wimped out of some of the more exotic offerings and went for veggie and pork kebabs and noodles.

Saturday. A late morning and a walk to Tianenmen Square to take some pics, and see what the fuss was about – the queue for Moa’s Mausoleum was very, very long! We didn’t have time to visit so we saw the People’s Hall (which just hosted the Vice President of America, Joe Biden) Wandering back we found the Taiwan night market, an area of town which seems dedicated to art and design.


Sunday. Walked around our Hutong. These are the little narrow streets of Old Beijing where the shops are small, and the people real. See here for an ongoing gallery of “Old Beijing”

Monday. Zoo – we saw Giant Pandas!! Post Here

So thats what we’ve been doing so far. We are shattered from all the walking but this is such a great city, we’re both really enjoying it. I promise to be better about posting for you from now on! x