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The great wall of China; one of the wonders of the world and the only man made structure that can be seen from space.

It was built over a lot of years by various kings and emperors but it was Emperor Qing who unified the wall when he unified China in 221BC.

 The walk was on a less visited section of the wall. The drive from Beijing was beautiful through tall hills covered in forest, deep valleys, fields of maize and corn mystical in the morning haze.

 The section we walked was a bit rough in places with steep steps and broken tiles which made for an interesting and occasionally thrilling day.

 And the view from the wall was just wow!

That evening we stayed in a strange complex of homestays where the people were friendly, rooms dirty, food excellent and we picked our own fruit.

 Our excellent tour guide very patiently attempted to teach us mah jong – she was only moderately successful. It was a nice way to spend the evening with the rain hammering on the roof and a couple of beers.