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Yes you heard that right – I went on a bike! And I didn’t fall off! 

The city was Xi’an. The wall was the defence for the inner city. The distance was 800 miles – not really, it was 15km but felt much much further – the bike was sh*te! No brakes and no gears. 

As it had been a good 15 years or more since I’d been on a bike, I was a little apprehensive to say the least. Could I remember how to even ride a bike,  let along have the stamina and balance to do such a long journey? Turns out the fear of the thing far outweighed the thing itself as is so often the case and I actually found myself -gasp- enjoying myself. 

Turns out it was good practise for the bike ride I signed up for in Yangshuo which was a lot more, um, interesting on account of the cars, mopeds, bumpy ground… Anyway that’s all here x