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OMG I Can Ride a Bike


Yangshuo is absolutely gorgeous. Massive limestone karsts,  traditional villages farmers in conical hats, water buffalo lounging in the mud, misty mountains all make a stunning landscape.

So we hired some bikes and went for a bike ride. I am proud to report that I only fell off once, and that was an altruistic act to prevent collision with a little old lady who decided to stand right in the middle of the path. The result of this particular kindness was a detour into a bramble bush and a slightly scraped knee, I am beginning to think the universe doesn’t like kindness after *this particular incident*

Anyway all the hard work was definitely worth it as the reward was the best, freshest, tastiest meal so far in a farmer’s barn. The veggies had clearly been picked that very day and were out of this world.

And although I was scared to death for 90% of the ride, I am so glad I did it, the landscape was amazing, the food wonderful and the company fantastic ads ever