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The ultimate fusion city, Hong Kong is absolutely wonderful! The huge gleaming skyscrapers shine in the sun, with massive neon lights proclaiming that CITI bank, or HSBC or KPMG are housed here. Las Vegas’s Wynn has a hotel here in the same golden glass but this tower is small compared to some. The view from the Peak is breathtaking, especially at night when the city is lit up and the laser light show illuminates the sky.


And of course the journey to the Peak is an adventure in itself … Either a walk along the most exclusive street in town, where the customers queue outside Louis Vuitton and Chanel or a ride on the most sophisticated metro we’ve come across yet. This is followed by a ride on the famous Star Ferry to the Central station and a walk (either through yet more incredible malls or along beautiful streets and parks) to the Peak Train. Built by the incredible Victorians this super steep tram takes just a few minutes to make the journey, the view unfolding and ears popping all the way.

The other side of the river is the Chinese Hong Kong,  in the low buildings in Kowloon. Street food stalls, chopstick shops, Chinese laundries abound, but in true fusion style these are interspersed with rather nice (aka very expensive!) jewellery shops and clothing boutiques. Everyone looks very happy, the food is good, as is the coffee.

(photo courtesy of http://www.urbanchictravel.com - thank you)

It wasn’t all city living though, one day we took the walk, ferry and bus to the gorgeous seaside town of Stanley and spent a few very needed hours on the beach.

Maybe it was that it was safe to cross the street – traffic actually stops at red lights!! – or maybe it was the distinct blend of my 2 favourite places on earth, Asia and England, but I was very sad to leave Hong Kong and it’s civilised way of life, the beautiful hills and beaches and the feeling of possibilities.

But leave I must, and it was with a new group that Stef and I departed with promises to return very soon.