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So when I was in Russia I met a girl called Sherrie. She and her German are on an extended trip all over the place by motorcycle through Europe, Russia, South East Asia and now by “Shaggin Waggon” (I kid you not!) on the ultimate road trip in the US of A.

Sherrie is one of my personal heroes for the following reasons:

1. She calls herself a Newfoundland Gypsy Princess

2. She is a kindred spirit in that she and I both gave up on plans a while ago and now just kind of go with whatever feels best at the time

3. She adopted a dog in Thailand

4. She’s MOTORCYCLED ACROSS THE WORLD. You can read her story here

5. She’s funny, nice, clever and altogether fabulous

6. Also she’s a great writer. Between her and the German (his name’s actually Patrick) they have written 4 books. You can find out more about them here….


This will take you to a page where you can click through to Smashwords and find out more about the books. A link to Sherrie and Patrick’s site, where you can find out more info about Sherrie, Patrick and Mango and also more about their books is above