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Today marks 1 calendar year since Stef and I left our house in Bingham and drove to Weymouth to catch the ferry to Jersey to begin our adventure!

The time has absolutely flown by. And so, so much has happened.

Leaving our lovely home, our jobs and friends and striking out into the unknown was very difficult, but I think its been absolutely worth it.

Our journey has had its ups (incredibly beautiful campsites, seeing a red squirrel in the forest outside Colditz) downs (separating from David and the LandRover), it has been wonderful (gorgeous sunset over the scared hills of Olkhon Island), stressful at times (Rush hour on the Moscow Metro with all our bags), sometimes boring (56 hour train trip) or uncomfortable (Vietnamese night bus) often exciting (seeing the Terracotta Warriors), a little scary (Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam) and always amazing (sunrise over the Chinese Rice Terraces).

We have independently travelled one of the World’s Greatest Railway Journeys – The Trans Siberian Railway, we have seen the ballet in Moscow, visited sacred Olkhon Island and paddled in the freezing waters of Lake Baikal, we’ve survived Chinese trains (and Russian toilets!), walked the Great Wall of China, eaten with Vietnamese families and SCUBA dived the crystal clear waters of Northern Australia.

We have met wonderful people along the way, danced in the streets of China and gossiped until silly o’clock in the morning with new friends. We have been photographed with countless Chinese tourists, Stef has seen a dead body (Lenin in Red Square) and we’ve shopped till we dropped in local markets, alleyways & Hutongs and gleaming shopping malls all over the world.

Now we are in Melbourne, where we have found ourselves in a somewhat settled existence with the big decision of what to do next.

Whatever we decide to do will blogged and tweeted – keep reading, there’s more to come x