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Well my first post for a while is Big News… Stef and I have made the huge decision to return to the UK.

We have talked and argued and debated and written lists of the pros and cons of living in Australia and the UK and I’ve been counter offered to be sponsored to stay in my job and I’ve spoken to friends old and new and on both sides of the planet.

Its been a difficult decision but it feels like the right one. We have been homesick and miss the familiar places and faces, the feel of England and things happening at the right time of year… Hot Christmas? Cold birthday? ALL WRONG!!!

I’m going to miss Australia. It has a lot going for it. It’s beautiful for starters. The people are really nice and I’m made some good friends here. The weather is fab and its safe and relaxed. There are certain things that drive us crazy though – the Internet is terrible, even in the cities, and it’s hard to do stuff … For example I have to do my own tax return! I know! Also it’s super SUPER expensive. I’ll never complain about rip off Britain again. This is balanced by excellent salaries but even so $21 for 2 drinks is rather steep …

We leave Oz just after my last day at work and are heading to Thailand for a month, I finally get to go to Koh Tao again and this time I’ll be diving!! Whoop! I’m very excited about this.

We land in the UK early October, in time for Stef’s birthday. We’ve decided not to return to Nottingham. We’ve been away so long and it’s time for us to live somewhere new, set up our businesses and settle.

It’s been one hell of a trip but I can’t wait to be on home soil again