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1. The faster you go over the rough bits the better

In cycling it means you are less likely to fall off, the section of path or road is smoother somehow. In life the rough bits are over quicker!

2. There is always a headwind.

When riding my bike, no matter whether I head North, South, East or West the wind always seems to blow directly at me slowing me down and making my journey harder. In life there always seem to be barriers, fears, annoyances and other reasons that things aren’t as easy as we’d like them to be. In life as in cycling, all we can do is grit out teeth and press on, knowing we’ll get there eventually or find another way.

3. For every uphill there is a downhill.

On my way to work there is a reasonably challenging uphill section which I really have to work at. It’s worth it though because when I get to the top the other side is a brief, glorious 10 seconds of freewheeling downhill. Worth the effort every time. No matter how hard life gets, sooner or later there is a wonderful section where the hard work is over for a short while, and they are worth the tough bits.

4. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Or fitter, or better equipped, or more experienced. The hard bits make you tough when cycling, and in life, they won’t kill you – they may hurt for a while but once the pain is over your muscles are harder, your lungs are more effective, you are tougher and more confident.

5. Some people love you, some hate you but most ignore you

To most of the drivers I see every day I’m just another person on the road. This is like most of the people I come into contact with in my life, we may nod, we may move aside for each other but that’s it. They ignore me I ignore them. Then there are the 2 extremes – Love and Hate. Some drivers seem to hate cyclists. They drive too close, too fast, they beep their horn or cut me up. But for every impatient driver there is another who lets me out, who nods or waves or is just generally pleasant. Same in life – there are always people whose behaviour doesn’t match with our idea of correct. And there are those who go out of their way, just a little, to make things a bit better.