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Its a sad day today – my beautiful bike has been sold and tonight she will be taken to her new home, and I will never see her again.

We’ve had some great trips, me and her – up hill and along the creek to work and back three times a week for the past 6 months. She’s helped me get fit and strong, and we’ve seen lots of birds, dog walkers and sunsets.

It hasn’t all been lovely – sometimes the head wind has been so strong I’ve had to get off and push! and sometimes I’ve arrived at my destination splattered with mud or soaked to the skin.

I love cycling, its great exercise, its fun and gets you places you can’t go by car and wouldn’t walk to on feet. Its also brilliant for thinking and planning and cycling to work gets you ready for the day ahead. And better – cycling home again gets rid of all the stresses and tensions off the day and I always arrive home feeling great!

I’ll be getting me a bike when I get back!