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It’s been ages since I’ve blogged, lots has been happening and it’s all been a bit of a whirl wind.

In May I told you all that we’d made the decision to leave Australia, despite the company I was working for offering to sponsor me. So we got on with selling everything in our house on eBay and to work mates and flew out from Melbourne at the beginning of September to Bangkok.

We stayed there with friends for a couple of days and then came to Koh Tao where we’ve been ever since.

I love this little island, it’s beautiful and thankfully mostly unchanged since my last visit in 2008. It also has this weird effect on people where they come for a few days and end up staying for weeks or even years. We were going to be here for a week, mainly doing some diving. We’ve been here 2 weeks already and will be here for the next week before heading back to Bangkok then home.

I was thinking that it’s a waste to only come here but then I thought over our trip and I’m tired of travelling, moving on, seeing stuff. I’m Tripped Out. So this three weeks on a tiny dot in the ocean, where I’m surrounded by divers is an interlude. A needed and appreciated period where I don’t care that I’m still, I don’t miss the road and, unusually for me, I have nothing to say.

When my brain works again I’ll tell you all about the Great Ocean Road, and will soon begin the story of the next part of our lives – living in Cornwall.

Until then, I’m off to the beach. See you on the flip side x