A couple of weeks ago I told you about our downtime on Koh Tao in Thailand and said that it was a well earned, much needed break between leaving our friends, my job and our lovely house in beautiful Melbourne and returning to the UK where I have a job in Bodmin, Cornwall.

Getting my head back in the room has taken a little longer than anticipated due to me getting a bout of food poisoning! For those of my readers who don’t know me this is unheard of…. I never ever get sick – not sea sick, not air sick and certainly not food sick. And I must say it’s truly miserable. I was ill for about 24 hours and i thought i was going to die. I have friends who have suffered for days on end and I can’t even begin to imagine the misery they must feel.

We got back on Thursday morning and carried our stuff across London in rush hour, naturally! We have a bit of a history of this see here for Trans Siberian rush hour adventures but thankfully the train was quiet and the journey uneventful.

The weekend was lovely. We spent some time with my sister and caught up with friends, and on Saturday my poor / dear / ultra lucky hubby was subjected to practically my entire family en masse (we’re a very close, fairly large family and are very loud when we all get together but he took it in his stride and is now, definately One Of Us. I hope he knows how lucky he is ;o)

On Sunday I caught the train to Bodmin to look for a house, and Stef and my sister went up to Nottingham. He’s currently on stand by waiting to load a van with all our stuff that’s been in storage for the last 18months and bring it all down.

And I’ve been looking at places to live which is a very stressful and rubbish job on your own – what if I get it wrong / pick somewhere he hates (my hubby is VERY fussy) / what if it’s noisy? Damp? Cold? Noisy neighbours? Too small?


So far I have viewed:

~ One super gorgeous teeny tiny ancient cottage off the main street, with wonky windows and beamed ceilings but waay too small.

~ Two 2 bed flats above a big electronics store which are nice and spacious, set out in a ridiculous yet fun way and a little bit damp but with the definate added advantage of having a separate office for Stef

~ our long term fave – an open plan one bed duplex in a building called the Old Manor, a big grey building with high ceilings, nice features, a beautiful kitchen but is right next door to wetherspoons!

I have one more to see today – a little 1 bed duplex / quarter house with (OMG) its own parking!

Then I HAVE TO make a decision because I want my hubby and our stuff here on Saturday!

So the plan is as follows:

Much needed haircut this morning. View little quarter house at lunchtime. Apply for a house / flat this afternoon. Try to find a bed for the rest of the week (I only booked three nights in my lovely b&b). Get ready for my new job tomorrow. Sit chewing my nails in nervousness until we get the “yes” on a home. Jump up and down with joy and happiness. Run round like a loon getting deposits paid, bank statements found, keys collected. Lug a million and one boxes from van to house. Celebrate hugely with Stef and friends who are sooo unbelievably kind enough to give up their weekend to help us. Put lots of photos on here for posterity and to mark the beginning of our next adventure.

Wow. That’s a lot of plan!

Update soooon x