Since starting this blog waaay back in the sunny, optimistic spring of 2011 – when we were selling a house, getting married, putting our things in storage and quite literally heading out into the unknown – quite a lot has changed.

Almost everything we did on the trip has been photographed, catalogued (reasonably well) described, explained and posted within these virtual pages.

I say almost because there aren’t photos of our diving in Thailand or much in the way of Oz. These things would show our day-to-day lives and I am not a very good lifestyle blogger, I have tried but it doesn’t thrill me.

What DOES thrill me on the other hand is challenges. Not frustrating, impossible (Ah Russia – thank you for this word) too-hard, drive me up the wall challenges, but ones where I can apply my brain and solve problems and have fun in the process.

Long term readers will know I set this blog up in optimism of a non conventional life and I had to travel for months and thousands of miles to discover that travelling all that way does not necessarily lead to non conventiality in the way I mean to live. In Oz we had no furniture, no TV, no money and that is VERY unconventional for Melbourne! But I did have a convenional job. In fact it was the exact same one as I had in the UK before I left and that I have right now.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned is that where I settle (and I say that very specifically because of course it’s different when actually travelling) do not have very much (if any) bearing on the way I live. There are certain things common to all places: email, blogs, web pages. BBC news… Thailand was a bit different because the place we chose to spend our month is proud of being hippy-ish and diving-focussed. Perfect!

I did consider starting a new blog for the next stage of my journey – the one in Cornwall which is more metaphorical than actual – but I decided that this is a continuation of The Trip and belongs here.

I have left the original About page below. The core of my dream has not changed. However I now have a clarity I didn’t have before and it has been said perfectly by Ghandi:



The next iteration of this blog is the a place to describe my quest to find and fulfill my destiny through finding / creating harmony in my Thoughts, Words and Actions in a way that not only results in my being “Happy”  whatever form that may take, but also that I do something worthwhile with all of this.

I start with the Momentum Challenge.

Welcome to my blog.

{It is about the steps to freedom. For a long time I’ve wanted to do something other than work. I don’t mean being on the dole and unemployed, I mean not having a job. Escaping from conventionality. Choosing to work on a rainy Sunday and enjoying the outdoors on a sunny Tuesday. It’s about choice.

I’m changing my life beyond all recognition. I got married, passed my driving test and left my job. Mid May sees the start of an epic overland adventure; three TWO of us are driving travelling to Australia, taking in Northern and Eastern Europe, Russia, Mongolia, China, South East Asia and Australia. This is where I will write about the trip and my life.}


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