Leg three of our epic Trip was China – A place I always dreamed of seeing but never really thought I’d be able to visit – it seemed even more inaccessible and mysterious than Russia.

The flashes of information about this mythical country are so intriguing… Shangri La, Hong Kong, Peking (now Beijing of course), the rice terraces, dragons, kung fu, millions of people everywhere, bicycles, conical hats, tai chi, a thousand types of tea, almost everything stamped with “made in China”, super old people…. and it’s all true!

As excitedly announced *here* we rewarded ourselves for successfully completing the Trans Siberian independently – not the easiest thing in the world – by joining a tour we had booked with Intrepid Travel.

This blog has never meant to be written as a day-to-day diary which is really just as well for several reasons.

Firstly, I just don’t have the self discipline to record my days in the style of a diary. Secondly, I find myself distracted by whatever is happening around me and before I know it its months since I wrote in my little book. Finally to grossly misquote William Wordsworth… when he was asked why, as poet laureate in, he wasn’t actually writing any poetry he said something along the lines that literary genius cannot be forced. (Ok that may be made up, but you should never let the facts get in the way of a good story! Mark Twain said that) I heartily agree.

So because of this inability to post in the correct order I appreciate that it’s probably been pretty confusing for you all to keep up with what’s happened when. Also the fact that Facebook is blocked in China means that my posts haven’t been put on my Facebook homepage and this can’t have helped.

So, here’s our full itinerary in proper chronological order with links to posts…

Tiananmen SquareZooForbidden City (Stef’s post)
Coal HillLama TempleOlympic StadiumKung Fu Show

Great Wall

Wall Bike RideTerracotta Army

French QuarterCity ScapeGardens

Mission Impossible


Rice Terraces
Local Interaction
Silly Night Out

Hong Kong We left our original group here and met this bunch for the next part of the tour

Stone Forest

Fun with the locals
Lunch with Family

Border Crossing

Hanoi – the end of the tour but we carried on to Cat Ba.

We’ve had a blast on this tour, brilliant tour guides, but its been the people who have made it.

Thanks guys and girls, you all rock and it was a privilege to meet you all. X


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